Wear My Boobs

The Order Process

Browse the growing list of women

The first step in the journey of Wear My Boobs is to browse through the growing list of women.  Each month we will add new women to the site giving you a full range of breasts to choose from.

Select the breasts you like the best

After going through the list of women on the site, select the woman’s breasts you want to purchase.

Pay for your order

Next comes time to make your payment.  No need to worry, your billing will be discreet.  It will show up as “WMB” on your credit card statement for your privacy.

Now that the order has been placed, we go to work

We bring in your model for casting

Once your order is placed, we summon the model you selected to come in for her casting.

Next, we cast her breasts

We then create a cast for the pouring of her breasts.  This process takes 45 minutes to casts the breasts.

Get a custom message from your selected model

Keep an eye out for a custom video message from your model recorded just for you.

Package and ship

Once we do a quality check on your new breasts, we package them up and prepare them to be shipped. The only name outside the box will be “WMB”; that’s it.

We take privacy seriously.

Open your package and enjoy

Once you get your brown box, you will find another box inside. Open that, and you will find your new self-adhering breasts or breastplate.

Each one is 100% unique as we cast and pour each time it’s ordered. If a model becomes unavailable, we remove them from the site.