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Breast Form Care

How to take care of your breast forms


Taking care of your breast forms is a critical part of making sure that they will last you for years and years. As long as you treat them as you would if they were a part of your body, you’ll have no issue! We’ve put together this easy guide to caring for your breast forms.

Using your breast forms

  • Wash after each use with a mild soap. If they are not self-adhering, dry the breast form with a soft towel.
  • Always store your breast forms in the box they came in. This helps to prevent the breast forms from changing shape over time and stops accidental damage.
  • Wash your breast forms thoroughly after swimming or being in a hot tub
  • NEVER sleep in your breast forms! 
  • Avoid putting excessive pressure on your breast forms; this includes bras that are too small, laying on them, or giving a “firm squeeze.”
  • Always follow any instructions that are provided with your breast forms, especially regarding adhesives

How to prevent damage to your breast forms

  • Do not use any glues that have not been recommended for your breast forms
  • Keep your breast forms away from sharp objects like fingernails, jewelry, zippers, etc.
  • Be gentle! Treat your breast forms like they are a part of your skin
  • Do NOT try to peel your breast forms! The polyurethane or silicone skin helps keep your breast forms in their breast shape. Removing the membrane will leave you with goo rather than a breast form
  • Keep your breast forms away from harsh chemicals

About breast form warranties

Breast forms come with warranties that are designed to cover defects that can occur in the manufacturing process. They do not cover damage caused by mishandling of the breast form. Examples of manufacturing defects are:

  • Seams separating without abuse
  • Air bubbles under the skin
  • Membrane displacing from the breast