Wear My Boobs

Models Wanted for Breast Molds

We are continuously on the lookout for women interested in participating in a unique opportunity that involves breast replication. Rest assured, this doesn’t mean parting with your physical body.

Our specialization lies in advanced cloning technology, catering to a diverse clientele that includes crossdressers, drag queens, mastectomy patients, and individuals embracing a feminine persona, all seeking authentic breast prosthetics for their needs.

We invite you to join our portfolio of models. Our inclusive approach means every size and shape is celebrated here, from AA to D, asymmetrical sizes, or variations in nipple size and length. There’s a match for every distinct characteristic in the wide-ranging preferences of our customers.

Participants will be paid $100 flat for the one hour it takes to cast your breasts. 


Q: What is the duration of the entire process?
A: The complete procedure is streamlined and efficient, taking approximately one hour from beginning to end.

Q: Is it necessary for my face to be included in the photographs?
A: Including your face in the images is required, your not shooting porn you doing it for a cause. Having your face in the images enhances the personal connection potential buyers seek. It helps create a more comprehensive identity that clients resonate with, thereby increasing sales potential.

Q: Can you assure me that the materials used are safe for skin contact?
A: Absolutely, we prioritize your safety and comfort. The materials we utilize for the casting process are industry-approved, the same as those used by Hollywood studios for detailed body part replication. These products are dermatologically safe.

Q: How does the compensation structure work?
A: You get paid $100 at the time of casting.  We reserve the right to pay by Venmo vs cash.

Q: Is there a specific aesthetic requirement for my breasts?
A: Not at all, we celebrate the natural and unique variations in every individual. Our clientele values authenticity, seeking replicas that emulate real-life characteristics—be it asymmetry, sagging, or a smaller cup size.

The key factor is realism, as this is what resonates most with those purchasing the prosthetics. Don’t hesitate to put yourself forward; the diversity of preferences means there’s demand for all natural forms.

Q: Are there any conditions that could preclude me from participating?
A: The casting process requires that there be no obstructions or alterations such as nipple rings, as these can interfere with the integrity of the mold. As such, participants with nipple piercings would need to remove them for the casting session.


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