Nikki’s Breasts Forms

The Mercedes Benz of Breast Forms

Welcome to Wear My Boobs. We have created a unique one-of-a-kind way to buy silicone breast forms. No more need to purchase breast forms made in a factory in China that thousands of other people have. Now you can pick the woman's breasts you want to wear and know you have her tits on your chest.

Unlike factory-made breast forms, our forms are taken directly from the model's chest, meaning no pair of breasts is 100% the same. As with most women, one breast might be a bit bigger than the other.

We do not change the size of one's breasts. So if a model has an A cup with 1/2 nipples, that is what you get. You can't order her breasts in a D cup.

With us, you get precisely what the model has, meaning the exact breast size, shape, nipple thickness, length, and skin tone of the model you select.  

Our 6-Step Process to Your New Breast Forms

You select the model’s breasts you want to have and wear from our growing list of models.

We call your model and have her come in to cast your new breast forms.

Once casted, we match her breasts and nipple color and pour the super soft silicone.

As you can see, it’s a perfect match. We have every detail captured of her breasts and nipples.

Once complete, we discretely ship your new breasts to your door in an unmarked box.

Silicone Breast Forms

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