About Us

Wear My Boobs is the vision of a few people—Jamie and Rebecca, who came up with this fantastic idea within a few weeks of meeting each other.

The Wear My Boobs mission is to change the standard in breast forms for cross-dressers and Mastectomy patients.

Jamie S.
Marketing, Sales, Operations

I have been crossdressing for about seven years, and in 2020 I met Rebecca; within a few weeks, we came up with the vision for Wear My Boobs.

The vision was simple; we wanted more than just the factory-made breast. Yes, it’s exciting to have breast forms on; we thought it would be much better if it came off a woman’s breasts.

Shortly after that, Wear My Boobs was born. It took us a few months to get the site up and running, and now we are just getting off the ground with our vision.
I would never go back to factory breast, and after you have a look around our site, I hope you will feel the same way.

Rebecca M.
Casting, Molding, Breast Production

I started cross-dressing three years ago and have made it my life.   Before Co-founding WMB, I was a Human Special Effects Director.  
In short, my job was to change the human body through plastic and silicone.   I have been making fake breasts and other body parts for movies for years.  
One of my most famous breasts was on Stu from The Hangover Part III at the movie’s end.
When I first met Jamie, I fell in love with her business mind and knew there was something special we could do if we put our minds together.  
It only took a few months, and we were off and running.  I could not do it without her, and she could not do without me; we are the perfect business partners.