Men Who Love to Wear Bras and Panties

Crossdressing - Men Who Love to Wear Bras and Panties

You’ve got a secret. Something you’re scared to tell anyone just in case they think there’s something wrong with you. You’re a normal guy who happens to like wearing women’s underwear. 

I’ve got a secret, too. I’m a heterosexual woman. I like my men to be big, strong, and manly. I also like to see men wearing women’s underwear. There’s nothing sexier than seeing my husband in a pair of my tiny lace panties. How is that possible? You may wonder. It’s not only possible but also more common than you would think. 

Have you ever wondered what women think about men who wear women’s underwear? Are you worried about what your girlfriend would think if she found you walking around in a pair of her silk panties? Would she call you a crossdresser? You might be worried about whether it’s normal for you to feel this way. There is nothing wrong with Crossdressing, if fact, most men see it as a huge turn-on.  This is also true for men who have a breast obsession.

Have you ever wanted to know why you feel compelled to wear women’s underwear? Have you tried to find out the answer to these questions on the internet and come up with nothing? Most content on the subject of cross-dressing is focused on the crossdressing phenomenon as a fetish. No one talks about what it’s really like to wear women’s underwear when you’re a man. 

There’s even less information about what women think. If you’re a man who likes putting on women’s underwear, you are probably confused about what it all means. We decided to get the information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. So, we spoke to some of our readers about their experiences with men who wear panties and bras. 

If you want to find out tips and tricks from men who love sexy women’s lingerie, keep reading…

A Word from Male Readers on Crossdressing:

Bruce’s Story: 

Bruce is a crossdressing builder who enjoys wearing underwear on the job. “It’s the thrill of being caught that gets me excited. I’m the only one who knows what I’ve got on under my work shorts. I enjoy the feeling of soft, silk panties against my skin. Sometimes it’s a risk when one of my workmates is beside me in the urinal. But the risk is half the excitement.”

The first time Bruce put on his wife’s underwear he knew it wouldn’t be the last. “I’d fanaticized about wearing women’s panties for years. As soon I felt the silk of her panties cupping me, I was totally turned on. It also felt like the most natural thing in the world.”

Bruce soon learned from his early experiences with lingerie that fit is the most important thing when it comes to choosing your bras and panties. “My wife is a lot smaller than me. Her panties were too tight, which took away from the pleasure.

I could barely get her bra done up. If you’re going to buy women’s underwear for yourself, get them in a large size. Buy a few pairs in several sizes to try on.”

“Getting caught was the biggest thrill, but also my biggest fear,” Bruce says of the moment when his wife found him in a pair of lacy bodice and pantie set she asked if he liked crossdressing. I didn’t know what to say at first, so I did what I usually do when I’m embarrassed. I made a joke.” Bruce made a wisecrack about how you don’t always get what you order when you buy online. Luckily his wife laughed.

Hank’s Story:

Hank is a stand-up comedian with a breast obsession. He’s gregarious and confident. He hopes he’ll have the courage to talk about his fetish on stage.

“I’ve been curious about women’s underwear for as long as I can remember, wondering what it would feel like to wear them. It wasn’t until I picked up a lingerie catalogue in my early twenties that I acted on this lifelong fantasy. Without even thinking, I ordered myself the sexiest panty and bra set I could find.”

Hank says his first experience with lingerie didn’t go perfectly. “The panties were an okay fit. I liked the way they held me tightly. The combination of soft and smooth fabric, with a feeling of filling up the material, was a huge turn-on. But the bra was way too big.” 

Hank admits he didn’t know anything about cup size. “I got a large cup, so I ended up with nothing but empty space where breasts should go. Now I know to go for a smaller cup so that my chest feels like it’s being held closely.” 

“My wife finding out about my fetish went better than expected,” Hank explains. “She found a woman’s G-string in amongst my washing. 

As the size was larger than her own underwear, she was understandably angry.” Hank says his wife thought the underwear belonged to another woman.” Hank admits he thought about pretending the panties did indeed belong to a mystery lady. “When I told her the truth, she was relieved.” 

Hank’s wife much preferred that her husband was a panty wearer rather than a cheater. 

Chester’s Story:

Chester is an accountant by day and a cross-dresser by night with a breast obsession. 

“Most people know me as a conservative sort of guy. But there’s another side to me. In my day job, I wear expensive suits and ties. When I get home, I let out my wild side. 

On special occasions, I wear tight corsets and crotchless panties. I’ll put on six-inch stilettos and spend an evening in custom-made gowns and expensive jewelry. Cross-dressing isn’t just a fetish for me. It’s a lifestyle.”

“My mother helped me pick out my first bra and panties. I grew up dressing in her clothes, and taking me to my first fitting was her idea. The lady in the lingerie store was very helpful. She got a real kick out of helping me find my perfect panties.” 

Chester says he’s always been open about his fetish for women’s underwear. He puts this down to the fact that his own family was so accepting of his lifestyle. “When the ones you love are so supportive, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.” 

Chester has never tried to hide his lifestyle from colleagues or friends. “When I first meet people telling them about my love of wearing panties and bras is the first thing I say. Most people are curious. Some are shocked. The few people who are upset don’t bother me. It’s their problem, not mine.”

Our Female Readers Weigh in on their Experiences with Men Who Love Bras and Panties


“I caught my boyfriend trying on my underwear, and it was so hot. I love it when he does his crossdressing, I even buy cloths for him I want to see him in. I love the way my panties couldn’t quite hold him in. Instead of making him look feminine, the mix of silky fabric and the small size made him look huge and so manly.” Cayla says they had an interesting night after that. 

“I couldn’t keep my hands off him,” Cayla says her boyfriend’s panty fetish has really spiced up their love life. “Everything is so much hotter when my man is wearing panties. I love making love to him when he’s wearing my underwear.”


“My husband can fill a bra better than I can. He has big pecks, and he looks awesome in a bra. His big muscles and thick thighs look even bigger in a skimpy pair of bikini briefs and a bra.” Jessica admits having her husband has a breast obsession and likes to try on her underwear was her idea. 

“We got to the point where sex was too predictable. We started to experiment. One day I suggested my husband try on my bikini.” Jess says he was reluctant at first, but he gave in when he saw how turned on she was by the idea. “It was a tiny string bikini. 

My husband is well-endowed and seeing his member straining inside the bikini bottoms made me wild.” Now, Jessica’s husband loves wearing her underwear. “Sometimes I catch him wearing them without me. It’s a turn on for both of us.”


“I didn’t like seeing my husband in women’s underwear, I said to stop crossdressing. He tried my panties on one day. I thought it was just a joke at first, but then I saw him wearing them under his normal clothes. I was upset at first because I thought it meant he wanted to be a woman.” 

When Brittany’s husband explained that he was still heterosexual and that he wanted to remain a man, she was relieved. “I was happy because I was scared he’d leave me.” Once it became clear that nothing would change Brittany tried to be open about her husband’s desires, then something interesting happened. “I discovered how much wearing women’s underwear turned my husband on. 

Our sex life has never been the same since.” It turned out her husband’s fetish really helped in the bedroom. “When he wears my panties, my husband gets so turned on. We have sex more often now and he’s a more caring lover. He’s more playful and wants to try new things.” Jessica just wishes he’d tried on her panties sooner!


As you can see, wearing women’s underwear doesn’t change who you are. In most cases your life will improve if you don’t try to deny this side of yourself. It doesn’t change how manly you are, and your sex life won’t be harmed. In fact, embracing your desire will almost always make your sex life better. Being a fan of wearing women’s lingerie allows you to express a sensual side to yourself. So, embrace who you are, have fun, experiment, and give in to your desires. If you need some breasts to put in their bras, then look at our models who are selling their breasts to people who are into crossdressing.   


Welcome to a world of crossdressing.