Why Men Obsess Over Breasts?

Understanding Breast Obsession

The biological, emotional and cultural regarding breast obsession points to the hormone released when the woman nurses her baby. The hormonal reaction and the taste and smell of mother’s milk is etched in a man’s earliest memories and is reminiscent of the comfort and love they felt as babies. 

The hormone released helps to establish the bond between mother and baby. As we age, that comfortable and safe love becomes harder to find while men find themselves hopelessly reaching to savor that feeling again. Sadly, nothing men do can return them to that innocent and vulnerable time when they sucked on the warm nipple while coddled up to their mother’s breast and hearing her heartbeat with the love they’ve lost forever. It’s a sad but inevitable consequence of their need to ‘grow up’ and face the world—the rude awakening of Darwinist reality. 

Still, let’s not get too morbid because breasts are lots of fun and the reason for a breast obsession, even if not as they were when we were babies. Women feel the same way but to a much lesser extent because they soon grow their own pair of lovely breasts ready to lactate the next generation. 

For some men, their breast obsession is so intense they seek to find breast forms to wear.

Nature Calls  

Let’s ruminate about breasts, jugs, boobs, melons, lady lumps, girls, or whatever other names are lovingly associated with tits. Men love boobs, big and small, perky or droopy, round or pare-shaped—they’re all good. 

The cleavage of a well-endowed woman serves as a precursor to her ability to be a good mother capable of producing ample amounts of milk. No wonder men’s eyes are instinctively drawn to the mysterious cleavage, so much so that low-cut dresses and push-up bras never go out of style. 

Surveys have confirmed that more men prefer large breasts to small ones. Social scientists claim it has to do with large boobies having the capacity to offer more milk and thus guarantee the babies will have enough nourishment. Yes, at one point, no matter how we idealize breasts through paintings and statues, they ultimately become teats as nature intended. 

The older the woman gets, the less erotic her breasts become—a direct link to their inability to produce milk and sustain the newborns.

Men who were breastfed as babies mature with the evolutionary need for a powerful and nurturing bond with their female partners.

It Takes Two To Tango

While men’s primal needs are easy to recognize, let us not forget that women too enjoy when their breasts are fondled, and their nipples worshipped. Nature made sure that sensitive nerves are rife in the nipple, which offers erotic and comforting joy to the woman. The obvious reason is that nature wants women to enjoy the breastfeeding experience (until the baby starts growing teeth and greedily bites on the Holy Grail). 

Still, nature is also intended for men to be able to stimulate the woman while engaging in lovemaking.
It’s safe to conclude that if a woman didn’t respond erotically to the man’s titty worship, the magic would dissipate and the breast would become just flesh, like an ankle or a wrist.

breast obsession

Erotic Lactation

A good friend once told me he got turned on watching his wife breastfeed their newborn daughter. Perhaps some jealousy was involved in surrendering what was once his alone to suckle, but knowing my friend, a gentle and giving man, I think it had more to do with him wanting to participate in the divine act of sustenance. 

He demurely suggested that his wife let him suckle on her bountiful breasts that were bursting with milk (her breasts were huge) and was pleasantly surprised when, while nursing the baby with one breast, she offered the other to her husband and said, “There’s plenty for both of you.”

She was right. Not only was there enough for baby and husband to satiate their needs, but more milk was left in her breasts, so much so that they ended up using a breast pump to extricate the extra milk and stored it in Ziplock bags secured in the freezer. My friend admitted that many months later, after the baby nursed no more and the mother’s breasts had dried up; he’d still sprinkle his morning coffee with mother’s milk from the freezer.

Breastfeeding your husband or partner is fine and should not be considered perverted (whatever that means, though who shalt be judgmental). What counts is that you and your partner feel safe and joyful while sharing the suckling experience. Perhaps it’s akin to a hummingbird suckling on flowers drenched in nectar. Go for it.

Advice to The Ladies

The next time you notice your partner sneaking a droopy glance at your knockers, remember to be empathetic of his breast obsession. His is an evolutionary impulse that can be resisted as much as a parched man crawling in from the desert and choosing not to drink from the water sparkling in the oasis. They can’t help themselves, and neither should they.


Breasts of all sizes and shapes are tons of fun, both playful and part of God’s plan for us to perpetuate the species and rejoice while we do so. Breast obsession is a fund obsession, only one steadfast rule remains: be respectful and gentle, and always make sure the woman approves. Her subtle moan will guide you. Time to play in the titty sandbox and if you don’t have a woman, then you can order a pair of breasts from one of our models.